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Gold farming on new servers

Josh Owens

For weeks now, you have been harvesting the level 60 raid instances to pop that sweet new BeastStalker Belt, but to no avail. Finally as you are reaching the end of your rope, the latest pickup raid group pops your belt! Everyone passes the roll and then it is decided it is down to you and another hunter to roll for it.  The other hunter doesn't speaky english, so you are getting a little nervous. Next thing you know the other hunter has snagged the belt and hearthed away. You have just been ninja'd by a Gold Farmer.

This is the first time I have started a new character on a new server in a long time, so I was curious to see how this gold buying works.  I went to check out Favgames and IGE today because I was curious how the economy of this new server would compare to my old.  Lo and behold, the new server is not even listed! I realize it is fairly new, but how long does it take for the Gold Farmers to move in to a new server? Stay tuned as we will unveil the server names soon for our shiny new WoWInsider guild!


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