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Head mounted display with OLEDs

Liam McNulty
Daeyang i-Visor

We know using organic EL screens instead of LCDs in a head mounted display has been done before, but we'll still let you know about the "i-Visor FX601" from Korea's Daeyang E&C. They're being sold in Japan by a company called Mikimoto Corporation from the 12th of this month for the low low price of 376,500 yen (~$3,000 USD). On second thought, we really have no idea how much these things should be selling for; we'll let you decide on value. Specifications-wise, they offer a nice resolution of 800 x 600, and simulate a 60-inch screen at a distance of 6.5 feet. They have integrated speakers and get power via USB, but still only take video signals via standard analog RGB. Of course, since there are two screens inside, you can use them with whatever 3D display software you have handy. We keep waiting for these things to come down in price, but we don't think it will be happening anytime soon.

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