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Lenovo wins design awards for concept PCs

Liam McNulty

lenovo design

It seems Lenovo has taken home two "Red Dot" design awards from a German design institute called the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen. The first award is "Best of the Best for Highest Design Quality," and it was won by the company's "Yoga" concept, which consists of a laptop with an LCD that can be twisted all the way around such that the notebook stands up like an a-frame. The other award for "High Design Quality" was won by their "Sundial" concept, involving a slimline all-in-one PC on a stick that has some kind of whacky 3D scroller interface. We were pretty suspicious when we saw the "Red Dot" awards considering the color of the trackpoint on many IBM/Lenovo notebooks out there these days, but it appears to be a just coincidence. Maybe.

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