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Rob Glaser of RealNetworks: Jobs "pigheaded"


Allright, we all know that Steve Jobs isn't known for his delightful personality. He was saying "You're fired" well before Trump had a comb-over. While I do wish that our favorite CEO were a little more personable, I've come to trust that he really knows what he's doing, and if a part of his formula is an almost fanatical devotion to his own convictions, then fine. I can live with that.

Yet, not everyone can see past his abrasiveness. For instance, RealNetworks' CEO Rob Glaser told attendees at the Digital Living Conference yesterday that Apple's refusal to open the iPod to other online music services was due to Steve's "pigheadedness." I agree that it would be great to be able to use the iPod with a variety of music services, but the whole purpose of the iTunes Music Store is to sell iPods, really. "So, you want to get your mits on some of this great content? Well, you're going to need one of these swank iPods..."

I'm not disagreeing that Steve is probably a bit of a "strong personality," nor do I deny that a lot of people would like a more open iPod. I do, however, trust that Steve has a whole plan in place that will come to slow, patient and calculated fruition.

[Via MacNN]


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