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Your custom UI

Josh Owens

You like to tweak, admit it! We all do it to an extent, so why not you too? I know that when I play WoW on someone else's computer it makes me ill. I feel so disoriented when I am missing all my information that I usually have right at my finger tips. You can't see it very well in the pictures, but I am using Bibmod, Discord Unit Frames, and Titan Panel.  I would highly recommend all three for your UI needs. Bibmod is very straight forward and it allows you to take away most of the non-essential stuff in the UI. Titan Panel is a hot mod that is *highly* customizable, you can add all kinds of cool little "plugins" for it, and it displays all the info in one nice spot. Discord Unit Frames is not for the faint of heart - It is heavily customizable, and you can tell from a 10 second glance at the config window! Feel free to discuss your UI mods here, but I am also starting a flickr tag (wowUI) for each of us to post high quality pics under. Share your uber setup with all of us.


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