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China likely to choose MPEG-4 for IPTV


China. I like 'em, always have.  Smart people. You know how I know they're smart? Because given the choice, they are likely to select MPEG-4 as their IPTV standard (you hear me Sony?). This is big given that Europe and China are also expected to lead in IPTV adoption versus the United States.

Of course, maybe IPTV (w/ HDTV) would roll out a bit faster if broadcasters, equipment providers and content producers all standardized on one compression technology. Maybe one day my children could wake up in the morning and watch CNN's Pipeline in high definition. Maybe more competition would force the cable companies to improve their HD offerings. MAYBE PEOPLE WOULD SHOUT THE VIRTUES OF HDTV FROM THE TREETOPS, AND THE ROOFTOPS, AND THE VESTIBULES......I apologize for the outburst, it's early and I have not yet had my medicine. *plays Xbox 360*


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