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Expansion rumors about the new race

Josh Owens

You’ve seen the videos, scoured for screenshots, and poured over the new racial abilities for the blood elves. Some of you have even played as the new elven race during blizzcon! The mana tap and arcane torrent abilities have you salivating but you want to play Alliance, not Horde!

Blizzard is certainly taking its sweet time in getting around to announcing the Alliance race for the new expansion and this delay has left many to speculate what the new race may be. The leading contenders on the forum are the Centaurs, the Naga, and the Drenai. I personally think it will be the Drenai, since they are from the Outlands and would be the first “ugly” race for the Alliance.

Some of the other speculate races have included the Worgen, the Panderans, and possible Kool-Aid man! Blizzard has stepped forward in the forums to say that these are not the right races, move along <insert jedi hand wave>. 

Let’s hear your best guess…


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