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Mobile WiMax standard gets IEEE seal of approval


WIMax logo Two months after the 802.16e standard was completed we finally have IEEE approval for mobile WiMax. Termed "mobile" since this version of the standard allows you to travel between base stations while maintaining connectivity — fixed WiMax (802.16d) can't do that jack. So instead of being a gap-filler or back-haul solution interconnecting WiFi hot-spots, mobile WiMax is likely to go head-to-head with HSDPA 3G providers and more traditional high-speed wired ISP services. Expect manufactures to start stamping out mobile WiMax chips and product for the certification process in the new year with mobile WiMax offerings coming late 2006, at the earliest. Remember, South Korea's WiBro is said to be 802.11e compatible but we'll see what that means when we actually see product, m'kay?

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