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Creative Zen Vision:M reviewed by CNET Asia: receives 8.2/10


Creative Zen Vision:M (white small)The Creative Zen Vision:M spotted in the wild yesterday just got its first, proper review posted over at CNET Asia. They slap down an "excellent" 8.2/10 rating stoked by the fact that the Vision:M supports not only MPEG-4 video but also the other major video codecs including DivX and XviD. They also liked the "scorching" fast transfer speeds albeit using a new proprietary port (bye bye, mini USB) and Creative's improved vertical scroll for navigating those fully customizable menus. Of course, as expected that 2.5-inch 262k color screen was deemed "brilliant". On the downside, some reviewers found the keys stiff and the unit to be an unattractive fatty — almost twice as thick as the iPod. They found the battery to pump 15 hours of looped MP3s, but sadly don't confirm (or deny) the claimed 4 hours of vid life. However, they are still finalizing the video tests so we'll just have to wait and see. And just to fuel the iPod vs. everything-else fanboy fire a bit — you might recall that they gave the 5G video iPod an 8.3 rating just a few months ago. Now have at it dear readers and please remember, the first rule of the comments section is that no one talks about the comments section.

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