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Free B-movies for your iPod

Jan Kabili

If you're a fan of old, kitschy movies, you'll be happier than a clam at high tide when you visit Public Domain Torrents. The site is offering free classic and B-movies compatible with the video iPod via BitTorrent. The site doesn't guarantee that all the movies are copyright-free, but it does state that "all movies listed here are believed to be in the public domain," making it sound like they should be OK to download.

The list of movies is long and includes action/adventure, sci-fi, drama, comedy, horror, martial arts and more. Titles that are compatible with iPods are marked with a special icon. A sampling includes Night of the Living Dead, Attack of the Giant Leeches, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the original A Star is Born, Algiers, Tarzan and the Green Goddess, and so many more.

Be patient if downloads are slow. This site has become very popular since it showed up on a couple of days ago.


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