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Samsung concept devices range from strange to wacky

Evan Blass

samsung concepts

MobileKorea.TV has details on some interesting and weird concept devices from Samsung, ranging from the "MP3P Interface" that uses "hypercardiodid (?) technology…to enable users to listen to music without earphones" (aren't those devices called speakers?) to the Lev, an MP3 player that opens much like a travel alarm clock to reveal interchangeable skins. Perhaps the two most interesting concepts are the "Camcorder Loov," which has dual lenses to focus on both the subject and the background (as well as allowing for "wide-view" shots and self-portraits) and the "MP3P Mood Fountain," a confusing little two part device that seems to operate when the detachable section is spun. If anyone can help shed some light onto these matters, it would be greatly appreciated.

Samsung Concepts Part I
Samsung Concepts Part II
Samsung Concepts Part III

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