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Hog Bay Notebook now Mori


Paul Turnbull mentioned Hog Bay Notebook back in February, and I just now got around to checking it out. The name is now Mori, and it costs $27.95. What is it? A small, efficient, powerful text editor and filing cabinet. Similar to StickyBrain, Mori has a bunch of little tricks to keeping and sorting data. For you GTD followers out there, Mori is comparable to, but better than, Action Outline. What makes Mori a little different than your average text editor might be the willingness of Hog Bay Software to involve the users in the development process. While they aren't giving away code, they do actively promote the public discussion of features, changes, and bugs. They also have a user-contributed guide for Mori, and a little book on the company (and how to participate). A very cool concept. A lot of companies pay lip service to this, but how many actually follow up?


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