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Nokia N80 reviewed

Evan Blass

nokia n80

If All About Symbian has its way, we'll soon be tossing aside our Treo 650s and PPC-6700s in favor of Nokia's upcoming Swiss Army Knife-of-a-smartphone, the N80 slider. AAS rather lovingly compares the N80 to its 2001 ancestor, the 7650, and marvels at the amount of change four years have wrought on two similar looking devices. A compact little powerhouse, the Series 60 Third Edition-powered N80 supports both quad-band GSM as well as dual-band WCDMA, 3G, EDGE, and GPRS cellular data, 802.11g WLAN, Bluetooth 2.0 (with A2DP), and infrared connectivity, meaning you can get your 'net on almost anywhere in the world. Perhaps the most exciting feature, according to AAS, is the inclusion of UPnP, which allows content to be streamed to and from the phone from any number of compatible PC and home theater devices. Nokia also manages to pack in a solid 3 megapixel camera (minus auto-focus, unfortunately), whose photos apparently look great on the oversize 352 x 418 screen, which reviewer Rafe Blandford says is the best he has ever seen on a cellphone. It seems almost an afterthought that you also get Office doc viewing, Mobile Search client (like Directory Assistant for Palm), and audio and video playback software here, although you'll need to add a miniSD card to your growing collection of flash swag if you want to take advantage of the latter two features, as the N80 only comes preloaded with 40MB of memory. Still, to sum up the in-depth review succinctly, the Nokia N80 is the best phone ever, and will remain so until the end of time.

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