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Look ma, no cables: AMIMON preps streaming HDTV demo for CES


Uncompressed high definition video streaming wirelessly. Sounds like a pipe dream right, especially when technologies for reliably streaming compressed HD are still "on their way" like 802.11n, but AMIMON claims their WHDI (Wireless High Definition Interface) technology can stream high definition at the same quality as a wired DVI or HDMI port.

As near as we can tell from the press release, it seems this technology is planned to allow you to transmit high definition video straight from you STB/DVD player/game system or whatever to your TV/projector/monitor wirelessly with no loss in quality at resolutions of 720p or 1080i and latency of less than a millisecond.

Sounds interesting, if they can pull it off and at what price. They will be showing a live demo at CES and plan to hit the market in late 2006, so look for further updates.


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