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Apple as a Jeopardy category


Oh, the one night I don't watch Jeopardy, Apple was featured as a full-fledged category! According to the Deep Thought forums, the episode that aired on December 13, 2005 offered a category called "The Apple of my eye" to contestants, featuring the following answers and questions:

  • An Asian feline that shares a name with the latest Mac OS X version: What is Tiger?
  • The type of computers the iBook and PowerBook are: What are laptops?
  • This man has a salary of $1: Who is Steve Jobs?
  • This product shares its name with a place where aircraft take flight: What is Airport?
  • A “speedy” product that works on the Mac or PC: What is QuickTime?
So, did anyone see it? I'll take "Episodes of Jeopardy I wish I didn't miss for $500," Alex.


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