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CompAmerica announces free OS that "resembles" Windows XP

Evan Blass
compamerica computer

Another Unix variant / workalike is born: PC retailer CompAmerica has just announced a free operating system which will be available on their machines, known as "AX5," that the company claims "bears a reasonable resemblance" to Microsoft Windows XP. It's actually a VMS-variant OS running KDE made to look like a box by you know who, and since AX5 supposedly has NTFS5 file system support, files are interchangeable between the two OSs. It also comes preloaded with office software (StarOffice, perhaps?) capable of viewing/editing Word 2003 documents, as well as Mozilla browser, multimedia players, and email and IM clients, and a "vast library" of 2,000 downloadable apps that are "very similar or equivalent to those found in the MS Windows community." AX5 apparently also has a live CD version that can run straight from your CD drive without the need to touch that hard drive, and is available immediately exclusively on CompAmerica products.

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