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Funeral Held for Horde Player in Stormwind

Damien Barrett

Recently, a prominent member of a horde guild on the Bronzebeard realm died in real life. His guildmates decided to hold a funeral for him in the game as a way to honor him and chose the only cathedral in the game large enough to really hold the huge numbers of people, horde and alliance alike--the one in Stormwind.

Most of the people knew what was going on and didn't attack the horde entourage as they made their way to the cathedral. The result is something I feel is rather profound:

But my scaled down web-optimized graphic doesn't do it justice. Go see the full-sized screenshots.

This reinforces for me what I like the most about this game. The sense of community that can be built inside this game is an amazing thing. Had you told me ten years ago that this is where gaming would be at, I wouldn't have believed you. Sometimes, MMORPG's get a bad rap from people who've never played one, which is a shame.

It's easy to forget sometimes behind every character in the game is a real person with feelings, thoughts, achievements, ambitions, and life. This was a fitting tribute; thanks to those guildmates who thought enough to share this with the rest of us.


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