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Official We Love Katamari Damacy T-Shirts


Namco, the Japanese game development company behind Pac-Man, Tekken and Ridge Racer, and Panic, the company behind several excellent Mac software titles (Apple in fact asked them to create the underlying software for what was to become iTunes - Panic turned them down) seem at first slightly odd partners to create licensed T-shirts together.

But once you realise that Keita Takahashi, the creator of the cult hit We Love Katamari Damacy was part of the decision, the partnership is totally understandable. According to a press release, Panic called up Namco saying "we loved the game and amazingly, Takahashi thought it'd make a great partnership, both of us outsiders in our respective fields. That's about it!"

So there you have it - the first line of official We Love Katamari Damacy T-shirts. The shirts along with the official soundtrack "are the only goods he's ever approved for manufacture." The $24.95 shirts will be in short supply until after Christmas (we've heard that one before) and are currently only available in Japan, Korea, Canada and the U.S.

[Thanks, Daniel and Mikey]

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