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Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity auction raises $82,000

Ben Striegel

Child\'s PlayLast night's Child's Play charity auction hosted by Gabe and Tycho of Penny Arcade fame was a resounding success, with the final takings amounting to $82,100, almost five times the amount raised during last year's auction. Items up for grabs included limited edition Cardboard Tube Samurai laser cels, a complete Penny Arcade wardrobe, and a tour of Bungie Studios, not to mention the chance to appear in a Penny Arcade strip, a once in-a-lifetime opportunity which was apparently far too good to pass up, fetching a cool $20,000. Yesterday's event brings the sum of this year's donations to within striking distance of $300,000, all of which goes towards supplying hospitalized children with toys and video games. Amidst a backdrop of seemingly perpetually negative press surrounding games and gamers of every calling, Child's Play is one of the most positive examples imaginable of the gaming community banding together to make a difference. So if you've got a little bit left over after your holiday shopping is done, consider sending it their way. Won't somebody please think of the children?

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