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Philips spinoff iRex plans ebook reader

Marc Perton

The latest ebook reader that won't take the world by storm is apparently coming soon from a Philips spinoff called iRex Technologies. The Dutch company showed off a prototype earlier this month, and plans a launch for early next year. According to reports, the iRex will use E-ink technology (not surprising, since Philips helped develop and fund E-ink), and has also been put together by some of the same developers who worked on Sony's mega-successful Librie. No info yet on pricing or specs. We like E-ink, and would certainly like to see ebooks take off in a real way. But face it, until readers are cheap, easy to use, have color displays, and have a common platform for software and DRM (not to mention a critical mass of available books), they're going to remain expensive novelty items.

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