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Toshiba doubles your projector pleasure

Kevin C. Tofel

Two new DLP projectors are hittin' the streets thanks to Toshiba. Let's welcome the TDP-S8U and TDP-T9U, shall we? Apprarently that's the new way to come up with product names; just increase one letter and number in the model description; oh, those Toshiba folks are just so clever!

The S8U isn't high-def based on the native 800 x 600 resolution, but it's small enough to carry in a bread-box and only sets you back $800. Toshiba alleges that this projector is HDTV and DTV compatible, but we suspect that means it downconverts any of those signals to 480p.

Big brother T9U is a high-def projector with a native 1024 x 768 res. [For once I won't argue about this being a true HD res, but just this once!] You're paying $665 more for the higher res on the T9U and Toshiba throws in the extra letter and number in the model as a bonus. What more could you ask for?

via DV Guru


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