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VK Mobile poised to conquer globe as copycat king

Marc Perton


Korea's VK Mobile may not have much of a presence in the US (though it did catch some buzz for its tiny VK2000), but the company aims to change that, with four models that the company says are part of a plan to "target the global market." The phones — which include the VK2010, VK2100, VK3100 and VK4500 — do have some interesting features, including storage capacity of up to 2GB, the ability to listen to music during calls (okay, we're not quite sold on that one) and standard Bluetooth. However, it's the features they, er, share with other products that are likely to attract the most attention. The white-clad VK2010, for example, is described by VK as having "a stylish design giving the feel of the Apple iPod," and just to drive the point home, the company's marketing materials show some very familiar images on the phone's screen. Meanwhile, the VK2100 has a strikingly familiar-looking keypad. Even if the phones don't catch on with customers, one thing's for sure: they're bound to raise some eyebrows among corporate lawyers.

[Via Slashphone]

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