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Sex-based MMO on its way

Jennie Lees
Naughty America

As if the "Sex in Games" shopping list wasn't enough to titillate you this season, a new sex-based MMO is around the corner. Naughty America purports to be the world's first online game to feature sex (according to its tagline), conveniently ignoring games such as Sociolotron and Red Light World, not to mention Spend the Night.

In what appears to be a cross between The Sims, Habbo Hotel and online dating, Naughty America will allow users to perform sexual activities and even film them, as well as customise their appearance and decorate their house. It's available in March 2006. If you like getting naughty with other toons, it might be for you, but there are plenty of other offerings out there in the adult space at the moment for your… enjoyment.

[Thanks, John Scalzo]

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