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DualCor cPC merges XP PC with smartphone

Marc Perton

dualcor cpc

Can you merge a fully loaded Windows XP PC with a Windows Mobile-powered smartphone without coming up with something so bulky, cumbersome and power-hungry that it doesn't work well as either? The folks at startup DualCor Technologies seem to think so, and they aim to prove it with their cPC, a $1,500 hybrid handheld that the company will show off next month at CES. According to reports, the cPC will be just 6.5 x 3.3 x 1.2 inches, and will sport a 5-inch LCD display. The PC side will run XP Tablet Edition, on a 1.5GHz Via C7-M processor, while the smartphone will run Windows Mobile 5.0. A 40GB hard drive will serve both the PC and the smartphone, and the two sides will apparently be able to share at least some data. "When you pull up an application you can decide whether to run it in x86 mode or on the smart phone," DualCor CEO Steven Hanley told CNet. The device will run for about three hours in XP mode and 8-12 hours as a smartphone, and is targeted at execs and salespeople who want to travel light.

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