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Samsung's new SCH-B300, B330, and B360 S-DMB phones


Samsung is taunting us again with a few snazz DMB phones. The SCH-B300 (pictured) is the new one out of the all EV-DO pack, with a twisting QVGA display, 2 megapixel camera, satellite DMB, and TV-out. We're liking the looks, though there's nothing wrong with its siblings, the slider SCH-B360 and the clamshell SCH-B330. They both rock the QVGA, S-DMB, and TV-out, though the B330 has 3 megapixel shooter as opposed to the B360's 2. All the phones have MP3 playback, along with a smug satisfaction that they'll never see American soil.

[Via Samsung HQ]

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