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Webcomic Roundup: December 11 - 17, 2005

Ross Miller

Webcomic Banner Dec 17 (425)

You may not be able to comment this week, but you can still let your voice be heard by voting! This week marks the first appearance of Chris Bishop's HER! [Girl vs Pig] comic strip. Sam & Max made headlines this week with a short-but-sweet webcomic. Last week, the VG Cats ran away with first place - will they steal your hearts again? Vote for your favorite!

Girl eats mushroom. Pig laughs.

GU Comics celebrate a very (un)merry WoW christmas.

A clever use for head crabs, compliments of Mac Hall.

Gordon Frohman's world gets a little more Half-Life centric when the Combine come to their senses.

VG Cats tackle a topic near and dear to our hearts: Bubble Bobble.


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