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Eton's FR300 hand-crankable Multi Purpose Radio

Evan Blass

Next time there’s a power outage and the rest of us are stuck reading those horribly outmoded infopods called books, lucky recipients of Eton’s FR300 Multi-Purpose Radio will be chatting on the phone, listening to tunes, and, uh, looking at stuff thanks to the built-in flashlight. The FR300 works where lesser devices would fail after only a few hours because of its ability to run on either AA batteries or sweat-power by winding the attached hand crank. Besides the usual assortment of AM/FM goodness, this model also receives TV audio and seven NOAA weather bands. Moreover, five included adapters allow you to juice up your cellphone right along with the radio — assuming the wireless infrastructure stays live, you can now spend the otherwise-boring post-disaster hours calling friends and comparing water damage.

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