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IPTV without speed limits from Coaxsys

Kevin C. Tofel

Got the need for speed for high-definition programming all about the house? Do you have an "I can't drive 55" sticker on your home network? Buckle up and hold on tight kiddies, because Daddy is about to get Hemi power under the hood!

Coaxsys just announced that their 200 Mbps Ethernet over Coax will be demoed at the Consumer Electronics Show early next month in Las Vegas. The new TVNet 2x technology will work over existing coaxial cable, so the beauty of the solution is no expensive rewiring.

The actual throughput is expected to be at or around 197 Mbps, which in highly technical terms is SMOKIN'. Here we are trying to stream a 19.39 Mbps HDTV file over WiFi; Coaxsys, you can stop laughing at us now. Really.

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