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RockitTalk looks a little leery

Ryan Block

Talk about Poser Mobile, apparently MVNO company RockitTalk pulled the old switcheroo on its customers by switching from leased capacity on Cingular’s network to capacity on Verizon’s. Which is cool by us, we can see early on the need for an MVNO to switch carriers to provide the best rates to their customers, but things got sketchy when they claimed to be able to offer up $100 per month unlimited calling (a rate suspiciously far below industry standard), and sketchier still when they made the move to Verizon without bothering to refund their subscribers’ deposits or payments. We don’t think this should measure at all against MVNO providers in the future, but definitely be warned, if you’re gonna get yourself into a contract with some company, you better at least know who this company actually is.

[Via PhoneScoop]

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