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Will Apple have the first Yonah laptop?

Marc Perton

Well, it’s not an official announcement or anything, so for all we know, Apple will actually be showing off iBooks powered by hand cranks at Macworld in January. But the latest word from ThinkSecret is that the company will announce new iBooks and Mac mini systems powered by Intel’s Yonah processor. Since NEC has already announced its Yonah portable, it may be the first out the door — but NEC hasn’t given a ship date yet, which means Apple still has a shot at getting the first Yonah boxes to market (we find the idea of Apple competing to get the fastest PCs to market first kinda funny). ThinkSecret speculates that dual-core Yonah iBooks, at speeds of up to 1.5GHz, could be out in January, while faster Intel-based PowerBooks could be unveiled later in the quarter.

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