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Xbox 360 scalpers robbed at gunpoint


A group of would-be scalpers were robbed of four newly purchased Xbox 360s while dining at an Anchorage (Alaska) McDonalds—adding to the reports of 360-related gun violence.

A group of five males, ages 14 to 24, scored five Xbox 360s (limit one per customer) early Sunday morning at a Best Buy in South Anchorage. Later, they tried to sell off two of those units for $600 each to people still in line. When no one accepted their generous offer, the group headed out to Mickey Ds for a bite to eat.

The 14-year-old was left in care of the Xboxes while the other four men ate breakfast inside. At that point, at least two men who had observed the failed scalping attempt and followed the bunch to McDonalds, approached the van where the boy was keeping watch, put a gun to his face, and made off with four of the units—the fifth 360 had been stashed under the boy’s seat. The moral is: greed begets greed; that, or be sure to pack heat when toting around an Xbox 360…

[Thanks, JohnnyCashAK]

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