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My spin on 10 apps every new Mac user should download


SaftI normally wouldn't post this, because I don't tend to agree with the list, but the Digg kids are all piling on top of it, so I thought I should share here: it's a list of 10 apps every new Mac user should download.

Here's my take on the list:

  1. AdiumX is nice, but I'll stick with iChat. I like iChat. If I need to use all those other protocols, maybe I'll launch Fire.
  2. Cyberduck rocks. I like it. *But* I've been using Fugu recently. It rocks better and harder.
  3. Safari is a better browsing experience on OS X than Firefox. Firefox is great and all, but it doesn't integrate nicely with all the OS X goodness like the built in Dictionary and spellcheck, not to mention Services. Until it can do that nicely, Safari wins (especially if you load up Saft).
  4. iBackup.... eh. I'll stick with Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper, thanks.
  5. Nvu... uh, no. This is not something that every new Mac user should download. There are lots of people not coding websites who don't need this one.
  6. Quicksilver rocks, but I find if you get used to Spotlight and don't mind the slight delay, you don't use it as much.
  7. Stuffit Expander? I mean you need it, but isn't it already on the System when you buy it?
  8. TextWrangler is nice, but I'll have to say they should have mentioned SubEthaEdit.
  9. VLC is good.
  10. Windows Media Player?! Why is this on a top ten?
That's my take on it. Head on over and have a gander for yourself. [via Digg]

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