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Palm says triad of Treos in 2006

Ryan Block

What with the quarter about to end it looks like we’re due for some earnings calls — a great place for people like Palm’s Ed Colligan to divulge juicy details to investors and analysts. So what’d he serve up today? Well, apparently besides the Treo 700w shipping “on time in January,” Palm having “78% of the US handheld marketshare,” and adding BlackBerry Connect in early 06 (god willing), Palm’s also got three more buns in the oven. That’s right, they’re expecting three more additions to the Treo family in 2006, which will “implement next-generation radio technologies.” Shocking, right? Well, maybe not so much after those leaks from before about the Lowrider, Hollywood, 700p, and so on. Perhaps you’ll find it a slight bit perturbing that apparently one of said Treos may never see the light of day in the US, and will be destined only for a large international carrier (hmm, who could that be?). Palm, don’t give those babies up for adoption!

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