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T-Mobile exec talks up 3G plans in US

Ryan Block

It’s going to happen eventually that T-Mobile’s going to add 3G to their service offerings in the US, but while most people are speculating that it’ll be later than sooner, apparently their SVP of Engineering Operations Neville Ray told BetaNews they’re already in testing in some markets (he wouldn’t say which and what network technology they’re trying, be it UMTS or HSDPA), and that “by the end of 2006, and definitely in 2007, [they]’d be able to bring 3G services to the market.” T-Mobile ought to be careful though. Between this and their recent buy up of a bunch of 850MHz network capacity across a large swath of the central states, we think some people might actually get the impression that they’re trying to expand their services and be a competitive player in the US cellphone market.

[Via MobileBurn]

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