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12 HD Days of Christmas: Day 9

Matt Burns

Deck the halls with boughs of holly
    Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

Who does that anymore? Really? These days we hang pictures. Wait, no. These days we hang flat-panels!

Roku has brought us a product that will help bridge the generation gap. The PhotoBridge HD allows a person to turn that plasma or LCD into a work of art. Sure, there are numerous products that let you see digital pictures, but there are next to none that let you see them in the full HD quality.

Can you picture your parents on Christmas morning just staring at your plasma, totally engulfed in the pictures of their grandkids? Can you image how quite your house can be on Christmas morning? No, seriously, the product lets you load your pictures onto a media card or stream (wired or wirelessly) from a PC or Mac. It then takes them and sends them over a component cables to your HDTV.

Better yet. They have art packs that are preloaded with pictures and classic art pieces. They even have a holiday pack that is filled with pictures of the seasons! This set top box is really easy to use and can be a great gift for anyone HDTV owner.

We did a full review of the unit a few months back if you want more information.

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