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Verizon to debut V Cast Music download service at CES?


The word on the street is that Verizon Wireless is set to announce V Cast Music at CES next month, allowing music purchases over the air in what is quickly turning into a crowded mobile download market. Not a lot of details, except that Verizon is teaming up with Microsoft on this one, and will have dual downloads available to Windows Media 10 on your PC. They're planning on about a million songs for launch, and though they haven't confirmed a price, rumor is that it won't be dissimilar to Sprint's outlandish $2.50 pricepoint, as opposed to the loss-leader 99 cent downloads offered by youth MVNO, Amp'd Mobile. They'll also supposed to be announcing supporting devices for the service at CES, which will be able to transfer songs to your PC, saving you from re-downloading if you're ready to fess up that EV-DO is edging out your bargain basement DSL connection from time to time.


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