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Finally, a true high definition pocket media player: Cyberhome PMP 4000 & 7000


Sure the PQI mPack p600 already did all that, but try getting one of those in the US. Cyberhome has announced two new media players, the PMP 4000 and PMP 7000 that both will feature 1080i playback via a component output. Not satisfied? try MPEG 1/2/4, h.264, WMV, DivX and Xvid format support on for size.

Sounds nice, no word on the resolution of the screen itself, but besides the 20GB hard drive, the devices also read SD cards, Memory Stick, MMC, Compact Flash and Smart Media cards. They support Windows Media DRM and can record video directly to the device from an external source. The only difference between the two appears to be screen size, with the 4" PMP 4000 going on sale in January for $399, with the 7" 7000 to have a price and date TBA. For that, you also get an external battery & DVD player (what, no Blu-ray?).

I'm sure we'll have more information on this soon, they will be on display at CES in January. Steve Jobs are you listening?

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