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Large wall not included with Sony's 82-inch LCD

Kevin C. Tofel

This picture is actually Samsung's mega-sized LCD because Sony isn't showing theirs off until next month's CES show. We'll be on-site in hopes of catching the great unveiling, but we can't see how we would miss it. C'mon, where the heck can you hide something that big? Sony's set won't have the extra bells and whistles that the Samsung has. After all, the Samsung girls think they're magically levitating the set with funky hand gestures. Take that, Sony!

Sony's behemoth will have some super specs, however; the 1920 x 1080 display will handle 60 progressive frames per second, making it just perfect for those super, slow-mo's during March Madness. Rumor has it that the screen boasts an 8 ms response rate, so we're already trying to figure out how to sneak our Xbox 360 in to CES for a big-screen demo.

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