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Which cellphone should you get your kid?

Marc Perton

If you haven't heard enough about cellphones for children, don't worry. In the coming months you'll be blitzed as more carriers roll out new models, spurred on by the chance to grab customers even earlier in life. David Pogue of The New York Times has a good wrapup of the available models, including the popular Firefly (pictured), Verizon's LG Migo and the Enfora TicTalk. Pogue's take: while the TicTalk may have a lot of useful, educational features, both the Migo and the Firefly get the job done when it comes to keeping kids in touch. One word of warning, though: these phones definitely won't fly with anyone over 10, despite what the marketing guys may tell you. As one tweener told Pogue: "No kid in their right mind would carry around this cellphone. They would get made fun of every second of the day!" So, go ahead and get the first-grader a Firefly if you must (we prefer two tin cans and a very long length of cord). But be prepared to hand over your Treo or RAZR to that middle-schooler.


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