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Buy during Christmas or wait till Super Bowl?

Matt Burns

Christmas is almost here and we are wondering what type of HDTV did you pick up? Did you snatch one of those cheap 32-inch LCDs or entry level ED plasma? Did you splurge and get one of those Hitachi plasmas that we love so much or even a Sony SXRD? What was it?

Or are you waiting for round two in HDTV sales? Super Bowl is coming up and that usually equates to just as good sales during Christmas. In fact, sometimes they are better packages available. Retailers understand that part of the high definition experience comes from the sound so you can expect to see some Dolby Digital sound systems paired with HDTVs that will make a great deal.

But tell us about the TV you bought for the "wife." We are dying to know if our buying guides helped you pick out the right HDTV for your family.

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