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Last minute holiday shopping?


There's always DVD's, CD's and videogames. So what might you pick up today that would look great on the screen of the HDTV owner in your life? I've got a few ideas.

DVD's -

  • The Island - I know I know, nobody went to see it at the theaters, let me tell you, I think they made a mistake. It was a great summer action flick and will make for a great winter action flick to watch inside while it snows. The sets and the special effects had me thinking this may be my first Blu-ray/HD-DVD purchase when I originally saw it in the theater, since neither of them made it this year I'll have to settle for regular DVD quality upconverted. Oh yeah, and Scarlett Johansen? Incredibly easy on the eyes.

  • The
IncrediblesThe Incredibles - It's been out for a bit, but if you somehow still don't have it, as with any of Pixar's movies, it really comes alive in high definition, their attention to detail becomes even more obvious everytime you watch it, plus you can use it to calibrate your HDTV.
  • Ocean's 12 - While not totally satisfying for someone obsessed with black levels (maybe a better picture for them would be the dark but boring Underworld) I personally enjoy seeing light and color and this movie uses them so magnificently, I promise if you know someone still on the fence about high definition, have them watch this once on a regular TV and then again in high definition, they will never go back.

Videogames -

  • Shadows of the Colossus (PS2) - Trust me, they will love it.%uFFFD The first time you come over a hill and see a towering 20 story tall giant looking down at you you can't help but love this game.%uFFFD It's really somewhat of a puzzle game as you attempt to climb each Colossus, find their weak points and bring them down, but it is a great experience, and of course can be played in 480p.
  • Star Wars Battlefront II (Xbox, PS2) - If you ever liked Star Wars, and I mean ever, even if the last three movies disappointed, this game does not. 32 player battles on land and in space on Xbox Live, great graphics, play as the Jedi.%uFFFD Nuff said.
Did I miss anything?

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