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Player-piano fun with the"Samic PianoDisc Opus 7"

Evan Blass

We never really got into the whole piano lesson thing; they just took precious free time away from ripping open our Commodores and Ataris. Thankfully we've found a new way to fill the parlor with soothing tunes without hiring a full-time pianist, in the form of the oddly-named "Samic PianoDisc Opus 7," which turns any piano into a fully automatic jukebox. Built-in Bluetooth means you can carry the touchscreen to switch tracks from the hard drive, and since the actual mechanics of the player are hidden, the piano retains its traditional look. At around $21,000, though, this setup seems destined more for institutional than home use, unless you're ballers like us: we're gonna stock every room in the Engadget mansion with a Samic-powered baby grand.

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