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Funniest Guild Names

Damien Barrett

Blogger and WoW player Squidly was casting around for the funniest WoW Guild names she could find and this is the list he came up with. I've been laughing all morning. Some of these are fantastic!

  • Riders of Lohan
  • Pretty Pink Pwnies
  • Two Dollar Horde
  • Spaceballs The Guild
  • Nightmare on elf street
  • Power Word Drunk
  • Built Horde Tough
  • Oprah Windfury
  • General Goods Merchant
  • Gnomeland Security
  • Team BubbleHearth
  • And Two Stealthed Rogues
  • Dwarf Priest LFG
  • Sorry were you questing
  • Hanging with my Gnomies
  • Deeprun Tram Security
  • Conquistadorks
  • Garden Gnomes
  • Holy Ramen Empire
  • The Lollipop Guild
  • Clan of Redundancy Clan
  • Ctrl Alt Del
  • Got Horde
  • Food and Drink Vendor (Mage Guild)
  • Neverland Ranch Survivors
  • Rez Please
  • Elves gone Wild

I think my favorites are [Sorry Were You Questing] and [Built Horde Tough], but they're all good. For awhile, I was thinking about creating a guild called [Seinfeld] and then getting people to create characters with the Seinfled characters' names, but I never did anything about it. What's the funniest guild name you've seen?

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