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iTunes podcasting support leaves me wanting

Scott McNulty

There has been a lot of talk as of late about iTunes and how much it sucks. While I don't think iTunes sucks, in general, people tend to complain about things that they care about . It is clear that people enjoy iTunes and they are interested in having it become even better.

One of the more recent additions to iTunes is the much ballyhooed support for Podcasts, which I didn't see much use for  until recently. I have gotten hooked on a number of vlogs and it is clear to me that iTunes has a ways to go before it gets podcasts right.

My first bone of contention is notifications, or lack there of, that I have a new podcast waiting for me. Sure, if I am in the Podcast section of iTunes I can see that lovely little blue circle that denotes new content, but most of the time I am in my Library. The picture that accompanies this post is a screenshot of my copy of iTunes. I have a few new Podcasts waiting for me, but how would you know that by looking at the source list? Apple should add a little numerical tag next to 'Podcasts' that let's you know at a glance how many podcasts you have waiting for you.

I can't be the only iTunes user who is annoyed by this, can I?

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