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MatrixStream announces the 1020HD: 1080P VOD and IPTV STB

Evan Blass

We're starting to think that CES might be a waste of our time, as we're getting the lowdown on all sorts of good swag before the Big Game even begins. If you happen to be there anyway, and strolling by booth 26,824 (helpful hint: it's between booths 26,823 and 26,825), be sure to check out MatrixStream's 1020HD IPTV set top box that claims to be the worlds first H.264 AVC, 1080P VOD and IPTV STB (we apologize for all the acronyms). The 1020HD can stream content DVD- or HD-quality content over any broadband connection (including powerline), with 300 free channels and 150 free clips to be available from content partner Movie99 upon release at the end of Q1 2006. Also included is dynamic advertising management, which delivers targeted advertising (good) but not if it involves monitoring our viewing habits (bad). MatrixStream claims the backend allows for easy integration of third-party IPTV provider content (complete with billing, channel, and of course digital rights management), and also claims the 1020HD will be sold, surprise, surprise, at an "affordable" price.

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