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Microsoft to muscle HD-DVD fate

Kevin C. Tofel

We've seen this before when the apparent better technology doesn't win. Look back to the 70's and 80's at Betamax and VHS or even Microsoft and Apple. In the end, it's advertising, public perception and clout that move markets or turn the direction of an industry. It looks like it's about to happen again if Microsoft has any say; they usually do.

EE Times has some insights that might just make the whole format war moot as Microsoft considers full HD-DVD support in Microsoft Vista, the next operating system due out in late 2006. Blu-Ray would likely be unsupported in the new OS in order to further persuade the market (and OEMs) towards HD-DVD. Add to the fact that Media Center functionality will be included into Vista and you've got a recipe for a struggling Blu-Ray format.

Does Microsoft have this much influence over the high-def DVD market? Would HD-DVD-only support have any impact on the format war?

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