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XM to show off Voice Command at CES

Evan Blass

As if we didn't have enough gear to scope out next week at CES, XM just hit us with a tricked-out 2006 Lexus LX 470 that they'll have on display, featuring their new natural-language Voice Command system. Part of a suite of next-gen options known as XM Advanced Services, VoiceCommand was developed in collaboration with VoiceBox Technologies, and allows the user to tell the system his/her music preference to prompt a list of appropriate channels. The souped-up Lex will also feature XM WeatherLink (for alerting the driver to weather-related driving hazards), ParkingLink (to help drivers find empty parking spots), and in-car video delivery, along with the already-available XM NavTraffic system and satellite radio offerings. Stay tuned for pics of this harmonious system doing its thing as soon as we can snap 'em.

[Thanks, Ryan]


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