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Jadoo's NABII fuel cells for "prosumers"


Next time you're prosumering around with a digicam or aspiring to near professionalism with your laptop, Jadoo wants you to be rocking a fuel cell or two. The new NABII line that they're debuting at CES makes fuel cells usable to the common prosumateer, and offers up "virtually infinite shelf-lfe," hot-swapability, and rapid "recharging." The fuel cells mount on traditional battery mounts and receive their fuel through refillable N-Stor mini cartridges which you can pop into their FillPoint hydrogen refilling station for some more of that good stuff on the double. No word yet on price or just how much power we can get out of these things, but we're guessing by "prosumer" they mean people who are willing to put up with a bit more crap and part with a bit more cash than the rest of us.

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