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Phantom materializes... in lapboard form only

Like the final scene of a B-horror movie, the Phantom has enough energy left for one last surprise! Infinium Labs is finally releasing the Phantom! Well... at least part of it. Remember that goofy keyboard/mouspad wireless combo that despite how ridiculous it looks, still seemed like a not altogether terrible idea? Well, somebody at Infinium saw an avenue for raising some much needed loot so they said, "Phantom: you wait here. Lapboard: come with me."

There is one problem: it's intended as a PC peripheral. Someone ought to tell them PC's already have keyboards and mice -- wireless ones even -- while consoles still labor under the tyrannical control of the gamepad. Nevertheless, they consider the lapboard "the perfect stepping-stone" to "[bridge] the subsequent launch of the full service." Who wants to bet we never see this thing? Or the full service?

[Thanks, bandersnatch; Via GameInsider]

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