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Remove and restore iPod album art

David Chartier

If, for one reason or another, you're interested in stripping all the album art from every track on your iPod, I've found an applescript over at Doug's Applescripts for iTunes that's right up your alley. While you might be able to spend a bit more time to complete this same process manually, you'll tie up iTunes and your iPod until it finishes. The beauty of this script is that it can work in the background, allowing you to still use iTunes.

Now on the other side of the fence, Restore iPod Album Art might just be for those of you who are suddenly panicking and need all that artwork back on the iPod. This one requires you to select tracks on the iPod in iTunes, in which case the script will attempt to find the corresponding track in the library to copy the album art from. I haven't gone through the readme, but Doug's listing says it's a must for using this script.

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